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Libre (from French, meaning free); rama (part of fliperama, from Portuguese, meaning arcade).

Librerama is an arcade compilation of very small, fast-paced mini-games (nicknamed "nanogames"), with the main objective being to rack up the highest score possible by winning the most nanogames you can before getting a game over, while they progressively increase in both speed and difficulty.

Play whenever you want, in whatever you want. Librerama is cross-platform, with binaries available for Android, GNU/Linux, *BSD, macOS, Windows, or playable right here and now in the browser!

Nanogames Up the Wazoo!

An ever growing collection of nanogames, with a variety of gameplay mechanics and themes, ready to test your skills of quick reaction, memorization, puzzle solving, and everything in-between. Checkout the screenshots to get a glance of some of them.

Create Your Own Nanogames

Know how to program? Want to put your creativity to work? Then head over to the nanogame creation guide, and start making some games of your own! Play them just by yourself, or share with your friends and everyone else.

Completely Free/Libre Software

Librerama's code is free software under the GPL v3+ license, with all assets being under compatible free culture licenses as well. This means that you can study the code, modify it and its assets, and share all the modifications with others!

The repository of the game can be found here, hosted on Codeberg. Make sure to check out projects made by other talented developers present there as well!